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Aquasana Under Counter Water Filtration Systems

Under Counter Water Filtration Systems come with numerous advantages. For starters, since they are placed out of sight, they are slightly larger than faucet filters. The increase in size allows for the use of a more efficient filtration system. Furthermore, they don’t take any of your usable sink space and don’t compromise your kitchen decor in any way. Today, we want to talk about a few of the best under counter water filters: the Aquasana under counter water filtration systems.

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AQ-5100 Under Counter

AQ-5100 is a single stage under counter water filter system. This system is designed in order to take as little space as possible while also delivering healthy and great tasting water. Usually, this unit costs $99.99, but if you hurry, you can catch it on sale and pay only $69.99 for it.

This system delivers a high-performance filtration. It works by using various filtration elements such as activated carbon, catalytic carbon, a 0.5-micron mechanical filtration, and ion-exchange. These elements work together in order to remove impurities from the water, without removing the good minerals as well. The result is a healthy, great tasting water, which will only cost you 13¢ per gallon.

This under counter water filter is designed in order to remove over 60 common water contaminants, including lead, herbicides, metals, industrial solvents or pesticides. Its NSF certified filtration technology also removes over 97% of chlorine and chloramine. Furthermore, the unit also has a faster flow rate than competitive filters, featuring 0,5-gallon per minute flow rate. The unit comes with all items necessary for the installation process and the installation itself is pretty basic. Changing the filters is also an easy task as you don’t have to disconnect any water lines, but simply do a quarter turn of the cartridge housing. Each filter is designed in order to filter at least 200 gallons of water, which equals to about 6 months of use. The system is very durable and comes with a one year warranty. Last but not least, the unit comes with a stylish chrome faucet that will beautifully complement any kitchen decor.

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AQ-5200 Under Counter

The AQ-5200 is a 2 stage NSF certified filtration system. Just like the AQ-5100, it uses the Claryum filtration technology in order to remove 97% of chlorine and chloramine as well as lead, pesticides, asbestos, industrial solvents, metals, mercury, pharmaceuticals, cysts, sediment or gasoline additives. The main difference between the AQ-5100 and the AQ-5200 is the extra filtration stage that increases the capacity of the filter from 200 gallons to 500 gallons. Furthermore, the AQ-5200 also comes with a performance indicator which lets you know exactly when your filter needs replacement. The lack of guessing around allows you to use the filter at full capacity, without risking overuse.

This two-stage filtration system works in a similar manner as the Aquasana one stage filter. It uses Activated Carbon, Catalytic Carbon, Ion-exchange and Sub-micron (0.5) mechanical filtration. The difference is that these elements are split into a two-stage system, minimizing the pressure put on the filter, thus increasing its efficiency.

This under counter water filtration system comes with a one year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Despite the fact that it features two stages, the filter replacement process is just as easy as it is with the one stage system. A simple quarter turn will help you replace the old filter with a new one. The system also has an Eco-friendly design which minimizes the use of plastic parts. The performance indication device beeps when the filter needs to be replaced, making the overall user experience very comfortable and simple. This system also has a 0,5-gallon per minute flow rate. Last but not least, the designer chrome faucet features a durable all-metal construction which will flatter your kitchen decor.

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AQ-5300 Under Counter

The AQ-5200 filtration system is pretty efficient, but if you want the best of the best, you should definitely go for the AQ-5300. While the basic water filtration system is the same, this unit comes with a superior technology as well as an increased, 600-gallon filter capacity. Its main improvement consists in an additional pre-filter which catches sediments, thus reducing the clogging of the system and prolonging the life of the filter.

This system also uses the reliable, NSF certified Claryum technology, which removes over 97% of chlorine and chloramine while also capturing over 60 water contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury and so on. The purpose of the pre-filter is to make sure that heavy sediment and larger particles are trapped before reaching the filter. This element can handle sediment as well as rust and silt. The filter has a 6 months life, the equivalent of 600 filtered gallons of water. The unit comes with a one year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. It is just as easy to install as the systems presented above and also features a stylish chrome faucet. The system also integrates the efficient filter replacement indicator which allows you to use a filter cartridge to full capacity, without risking overuse.