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Privacy Policy

The principles of our Privacy Policy

Our website’s Privacy Policy is based on simple principles that are used to monitor the way information is gathered and shared. WaterFiltration.Reviews is committed to your privacy, as we manage all data that we collect from you with great responsibility. Furthermore, since our users’ confidence and trust is so important to us, our goal is to keep you engaged without putting in jeopardy your safety.

User information

When readers access our website to discover how to make advantageous purchases, they provide us with information that we exclusively use in their benefit. Please take note that there are two types of data that we can collect about you:

  • Non-individually-identifiable information

This type of information refers to anonymous data like your IP address, which is a code that your Internet provider has attributed to your computer. Giving that web servers identify computers by their IPs, we may access our users’ IP addresses when we need to solve problems that are related to our servers. We can also use this type of anonymous information to deny access to users who don’t respect our Terms and Conditions of use.

  • Individually-identifiable information

WaterFiltration.Reviews may collect data that can personally identify users by name, email address, street address and telephone number. Every time users participate to contests or subscribe to receiving vouchers, and personalized offers, they enter data based on which they can benefit from special bonuses. Participating in online activities involves receiving email newsletters or other forms of digital contact from us. Under any circumstances, we will use and disclose your personal data as permitted by low. Please note that we will only share your information with others if we are liable to do so by law, or in case that we need to protect our rights and property against unauthorized use.

The use of Cookies

When we use Cookies, information is transferred from WaterFiltration.Reviews to your computer’s hard drive for easing record-keeping, and for sending only content that can meet your individual interests. Furthermore, Cookies are very helpful for users who have created an account on our website, and they don’t want to enter their password every time they access WaterFiltration.Reviews. Therefore, using Cookies allows us to save your password, which will make it easier for you to visit our website, and discover our latest updates. Based on our Privacy Policy, any user can correct, modify or delete the personal information that he/she has submitted to WaterFiltration.Reviews.

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